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Are you looking to level up your client experience and express to your clients just how grateful you are for their business? Then you've come to the right place.

Platinum Gifts is a boutique located in the Houston Network office. We have a curated inventory to celebrate any occasion in your clients' lives.


The best part is, we do all the work! Shipping, gift-wrap and a note signed from you.


How it Works:

  • Send an email when you have an occasion in a clients life that you'd like to gift for. I’ll need the clients name and address. 

  • You are free to make a gift selection from the site, allow me to choose or ask for a customized selection.

  •  I will then gift-wrap (including a note from you) and ship via FedEx

  • You'll receive an invoice to review before your credit card is charged (this can be kept on file to streamline the process)

Things to Note:

  • I am not the NM Promo Shop, there are no NM branded items here.

  • You'll receive a discount off every purchase which helps balance the inevitable shipping fee, which averages $15 (we ship via FedEx) there are no other fees/ charges for my services.

  • Creative and special orders are my favorite. Brainstorming a custom gift roll-out is always an option!

  • Having a monthly touch-base can help you stay on top of what occasions are coming up in your clients' lives could be helpful. We can discuss gifts and place orders.

  • I can monogram, engrave, or create vinyl decals to personalize gifts.



It's me! The face behind Platinum! While I'm coming up on 3 years with Northwestern Mutual, Platinum Gifts has been serving advisors across the country for over 20 years! 

My background is in retail, specifically as a visual manager. I've always said, "I have the fun job" and the same rings true here as I'm able to continue being creative coming up with fun and unique gifts to touch your clients' lives.

I'm honored to partner with you all as you celebrate your clients' life milestones or simply just aim to show your appreciation for them! I'm here and happy to brainstorm, source products, execute ideas.... really whatever you need gifting-wise I'm your girl!

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